Just DO IT!!!

"If you're not living on the edge, 
you're taking up too much space!" 
- Gary Young

Spending four days listening to men like Gary Young, Kyle Maynard and Jon Acuff will really inspire a person to make a difference...and y'all know that I am all about that!!!!!!!!

I learned so much that I don't even know where to start or how to write a blog post about this without reinventing the wheel, so I am just going to share my notes...

Gary Young---

-Developing Leaders means YOU have to become one!
-It's not about BEING right, it's about DOING what's right!
-A great leader spends more time on SELF evaluations then evaluating OTHERS!
-A leader NEVER stops growing him or herself!
-Don't TRY to do it...DO IT!!!

Kyle Maynard---

He was born without arms from the elbows down or legs from the knees down...HE climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, did a bunch of other crazy things and wrote a book called No Excuses!

Take a minute to look him up...CLICK HERE!

Here are a few notes that I took while he was speaking...

-Just SHOWING UP and continuing to TRY is going to get you there.
-You can't convince everyone...sometimes you have to JUMP out of your chair and RUN past them.
-It doesn't have to do with challenges...it has to do with HOW WE SEE IT.
-It would have been easier to have them do it for me, but then I wouldn't have FAILED AND LEARNED from my mistakes.
-Take responsibility for YOURSELF and your own life.
-Visualize what you want you life to look like a year from now and then START WORKING towards that.
-Until we learn how to CONFRONT things on our own, we won't until we have to.

This is HIS challenge to US:
-Find your WHY...None of us are capable of finding out who we really are and our potential unless we wake up each morning and ask "Why am I here?"!
-Stop making excuses...If you want to create the life that you want, you have to be a life creator, not a bystander!

*******Are you inspired yet?!?!??!

Now, lets take a look at my notes from Jon Acuff...CLICK HERE to learn more about him!

-Our culture tries to teach us that WHAT we do doesn't matter!
-Leaders who CAN'T be questioned end up doing unquestionable things!
-For some people, ROCK BOTTOM is a trampoline!
-Read less minds, ASK more questions!
-BE HUMAN...People don't want to do business with business, they want to do business with humans!
-When you see people as your platform, you eventually STAND on top of them!
-Choosing empathy is cheap...loosing it is EXPENSIVE!
-Hustle is an act of FOCUS...not frenzy!
-Do AMAZING things and then tell someone that you did it!
-If you know something will help someone, but you don't share it, you acted as a COWARD!
-Bravery feels like wanting to throw up, cry, not being able to sleep, run and hide...but still CHOOSING to do what you have to do!

Wow!!!!!  Right?!?!?!  What else can I say?

I feel like removing "I can't" from my vocabulary would be a great place to start...

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