Stitch Fix #5

Let's talk STITCH FIX!!!!!!!!!  

What is it???
Stitch Fix is an online personal stylist for YOU!  Who doesn't want a personal stylist?!?!?!?!?!

How does it work???
-YOU fill out a detailed profile about your size, style, likes, dislikes, etc.  You can even link your Pinterest clothes board!!!!!!!  What?!?!?!?  Yes.  True story.  So...I go "shop" on Pinterest, link my Pinterest clothing board to my Stitch Fix profile and then my personal stylist can see things that I have been pinning lately...Score!
-Once you have filled out your Stitch Fix profile, you can choose a process date to get your first Fix!
-After you have chosen a process date, Stitch Fix will ship you five items.  You can choose to keep all five, a few things or none!  On my 1st, 2nd and 3rd Fix, I kept one item...on my 4th Fix, I sent them all back (they were all hand wash or dry clean and ain't nobody got time for that!!!).  Each time I schedule my next Fix, I tweek my profile just a little so that I make sure I am getting items that I love!
-Once you have chosen what you want, you check out online and send back the items that you don't want...they sent you a pre stamped package thing (I can't remember what its called) so that its super easy!  You only pay for what you keep :)

What was in my latest Fix you ask?!?!?!?!

I LOVED this outfit....the shorts fit perfectly, like they were made for me.  I really really really liked the shirt, but it had mesh on the top that was way too low in the front.  I would have had to wear a tank under the shirt for modesty sake and it is just too hot for that!  So I sent back the shirt, but kept the shorts!  Nick LOVED this outfit though, so I will be on the lookout for another black top...TJMaxx will most likely have one for me :)

Dear John Light Green Shorts with Black Mesh Top

I thought that I would LOVE this shirt...it was cute and super soft.  I showed Nick and he hated it.  I tried to convince him by trying it on and he still hated it.  Then, I looked at this photo and I didn't really like it anymore either!  The black shirt with these shorts (above) was super cute, but this shirt just didn't look right on me...it seemed a little too short and it was too tight in the armpits!  No thanks.  So, I sent back the shirt :)

Dear John Light Green Shorts with Top

The material on this dress was super soft!  The navy blue color was really pretty.  The dress was lightweight.  The problem was that the waistband was too tight...like, going to leave a huge red indention in my skin, too tight...and I felt like the neckline made my shoulders look enormous.  I liked it enough, but I didn't LOVE it...so I sent it back.  I have learned to only wear clothes that I LOVE, so that I feel confident and pretty each day!!!

Navy Blue Dress

Liked the earrings, but I don't need any right now...I tend to just wear my pearls all of the time!  So, these were sent back.

Earrings :)

So, I packaged everything up this morning that I wanted to send back and I checked out online.  Here are the shorts that I kept with a tank that I already had from LOFT.  I have to say that I LOVE the shorts and I am glad that I kept them!  They fit perfectly.  They are comfortable, lightweight material.  They are modest.

Dear John Light Green Shorts with Loft Tank

I think that YOU should try Stitch Fix!!!!!!!!  Even if you only do it once and decide its not for you, it's worth the try!  Or even if you only do it every few months and keep only one item each time, its totally worth it!  That's pretty much what I do!

It's so fun to have someone else pick out stuff for you and send it to you!  I know that I get in a shopping rut and always buy myself the same things...this helps me branch out and I love being surprised each time I get another Fix!

SIGN UP HERE to get your 1st Fix!!!

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