Silver Retreat

     Last year in June 2014, I hit the rank of Silver with Young Living Essential Oils...after maintaining Silver Rank for 3 months in a row, I earned this Retreat with Young Living!!!  I was SUPER excited, but had to "patiently" wait until THIS June 2015 to go...

Zermatt Resort and Spa

     Young Living put us up in Zermatt Resort and Spa in Midway, Utah...and it wasn't just a hotel room, it was more like an apartment!  We had a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom!


Living Room




     At the Resort, there was an amazing bakery with all sorts of goodies...we ate there several times!  There were breads, muffins, sorbetto, gelato, desserts, croissants and the list goes on and on!!!!!  I am wishing I could eat some right now!


     The first day that we got there, we just walked around and toured the Zermatt, ate some delicious pizza at their restaurant and relaxed.  On day 2, before the Young Living Silver Retreat officially started, we rented an ATV and went on a 2 hour ride through the mountains!!!!!!  It was beautiful...impossible to even describe.  There were deer and chipmunks EVERYWHERE and Nick had an awesome time driving back and forth through the river...we got completely soaked!!!!!!!  We somehow made it back to the Resort on time even though we got lost over and over again...the map did NOT make any sense and we took too many wrong turns.

Adventures in the ATV

Top of the Mountain

     Once the Silver Retreat began, Young Living took us all to The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, for a fancy dinner...they pampered us and spoiled us for days!!!!!!!!


     On our last day there, Young Living took us out to Mona, Utah to the Young Living Lavender Farm.  Did you know that Young Living plants their own seeds, farms the fields, distills, tests and bottles all of their own oils?!?!!!?!?  They are the only company in the WORLD that does this!!!!!!  It is SO neat to see the fields where it is all grown, see the distillery and see where it is all bottled and sealed all at the Young Living Lavender Farm!!!!!!!  Now, when I order an essential oil, I can remember the plants that I saw...I didn't even know what most of them looked like before visiting the Farm!  This is so special!

Young Living Distillery

Young Living Distillery

Young Living Distillery

Young Living Greenhouses

Us with Lindsay Moreno

     Here we are with our Team Leader, Lindsay Moreno and our fellow teammates who were invited on the Silver Retreat with us!!!  It was SO fun getting to know so many from my team...many of us only knew each other through FaceBook groups...now we know each other "in real life"!!!

Our Team

Young Living Lavender Fields

     If you know me, you know that my DREAM LIFE is to have a job where I can make my own hours, work from where I want, be involved in something natural, help people live healthier lives and travel ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!  I LOVE how being involved with Young Living Essential Oils has given me all this!  Not only that, Young Living TREATED US to the Silver Retreat...now, THAT's what I call traveling in style!!!!!!

     Anyone want to guess where we will be going on our next trip!!??!?!?!?!


  1. Joy Marshall JenkinsJuly 6, 2015 at 1:47 PM

    Thanks for sharing a great description and pictures. I'll be going on my Silver Retreat in October, and I'm even more excited now (if that's possible). I bet I know where your next trip will be, but I'm not telling.