Almost 24 years ago, I celebrated my 6th birthday...

My parents threw me a dream party.  Skateland.  In Florence, SC, this was every kid's #1 wish...everybody who was anybody was throwing their parties at Skateland (at least that's what I thought, as an almost 6-year-old).

The party was SO FUN...I still remember it all these years later.  All my friends came.  We skated.  We played games.  We snacked.  We had huge, oily slices of pizza.  We overdosed on sugar from the cake.  Then, I opened my gifts...

I can still picture the TONS of wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, tissue paper and gift bags that were all over the Skateland tables...I know that I was spoiled rotten with more presents than a kid needed.   But, out of all of those gifts, I only remember ONE!!!

A pair of light pink, real fake glasses.

Yep, every little girls dream...or at least mine.

Two days later, on Monday, I arrived at Calvary Baptist Kindergarten, wearing my new glasses.  I told EVERYONE that I needed glasses because I couldn't see (I was so proud of myself...and yes, I lied).

I sat at my desk and began working, thinking that I was so cute and smart.  

This is where my story goes downhill.

Mark Temple.

Mark and I were best buddies...basically, like brother and sister.  And (probably just like a brother) Mark took it upon himself to make sure that everyone knew that I was a liar.  


Mark told our teacher.

Mark told our class.

Mark told everyone.

I removed my very favorite birthday present.
I put them away in my little backpack.
I NEVER wore them again.

The truth is that I never felt bad for lying to everyone, but I blamed Mark for everything!

All this to say, these are the REAL DEAL...I have been vindicated.

Nick picked these out :)

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