Martin Cordero and Lai Lai

     Another Saturday, another adventure...

     Juana is so funny...every time she has a day off, she says that we have to go on an adventure!  And she LOVES to walk.  So, it has to be something fun that also involves a lot of walking :)

     So, we took a Trufi to the local botanical gardens, Martin Cordero and then walked around :)  It was beautiful and we all wished that we had brought a picnic to enjoy!  There were lots of couples getting to know each other in the park...and lots of people laying around, enjoying the sun and taking naps.  No one in a hurry...so peaceful.

     I was excited because we saw an area for medicinal plants!!!  These are the types of plants that many essential oils come from :)

     Ever since arriving in Cochabamba, we have been on the look out for our favorite ice cream truck.  We finally gave up and forgot about it because none of us knew where it parked now.  As soon as we walked out of the botanical gardens, we passed it!!!  Of course, we stopped and got some HUGE ice cream cones to enjoy on our walk home :)

     After a nice, long Siesta, we went out to have dinner at Lai Lai.  I don't really crave Chinese food...never care too much to eat it.  But, this specific restaurant has always been a favorite of mine.  

     When we were younger, Sandra, my sisters and I LOVED to play on this thing when we ate here.  We would spin around and around until we felt sick...it was SO FUN!!!  I was determined that Sandra and I would take a turn, for old times sake.  It was sad that we could hardly fit ourselves down into those little seats...

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