8 weeks down...4.5 to go...

     As you can tell, I have hit a little bit of writer's block...I seriously have not been able to think of anything to write in a few weeks!!!  The first month we were here, I was busy eating all of the food that I've been missing for years and seeing friends...

     Then February hit.  Nick got sick.  Then, after getting better, he thought he broke his foot playing Wally-Ball (basically indoor Volley Ball where you use the walls).  We couldn't go anywhere for weeks because he had to keep it propped up.  Then, as soon as Nick was feeling 100%, I got sick.  

     Even if all these things hadn't have happened, we still wouldn't have gone out much during February anyway.  When I bought our airline tickets, I totally forgot that February (in Bolivia) is the worst month of the year...CARNAVAL.   It is basically a month full of drunken parties and water fights.  If you are brave enough to venture onto the streets, you are pelted with water balloons and chased down with super soakers...it doesn't matter if you are actually wanting to participate in all the "fun".  There are a lot of Brazilians living in our apartment building and they had a great time owning the sidewalk.  Needless to say, it is all over and I was excited to walk to the store for eggs and butter yesterday without getting wet!!!  It's the little things...right?!?!?!?

Our To Do List
     So, February is almost over...I just have to go to Immigration on Friday to renew my Visa.  I'm sure that will be an experience that I can blog about!  March will be here before we know it and we will only have 27 days left in this country!  

     When we first arrived, Juana, Sandra, Nick and I made a list of all of the restaurants that we have to visit while we are here...as you can see, food is at the top of our priorities list!!!  Seriously, Cochabambinos are known for their amazing food and great appetites...Nick and I fit in very well here.  We just have a few places remaining to hit up before we return to the USA.  

     If you are reading this and you have some suggestions for us, please leave a comment!

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