Sometime TONIGHT in between February 28th and March 1st, Mary Ashley Jackson Owens will turn 27!!!!!!  The only problem is that she doesn't really have a true birthDAY this year, or most years for that matter.  She is a Leap Year baby...born on February 29th.  Since this date only comes around every four years, she has actually only had 6 true birthDAYs up to this point...only 6 times in her entire life has February 29th actually happened!  So, this really isn't her 27th birth DAY...its really only her 6.75th birthDAY.

     Even if I had no friends (which I do, I promise), I always have my sisters!  3 to be exact :)  While growing up and moving all over the world, my sisters were my only friends that stuck with me no matter where we lived..I'm sure that why we are all so close.  As long as I had them and my Barbies, I was good...seriously.  Just a few days ago Mary Ashley wrote me a message about her turning 27... 

     "It's crazy. I used to never let my barbies be over 16 bc I thought that was old."
-Mary Ashley

True story.

     So...Mary Ashley, I did the math and you are one lucky girl...you won't be celebrating your actual 16th birthDAY until the year 2052...which means you are still younger than your Barbies!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Yahyee!!!!

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