Road Trip!!!!

Apparently, Jonny found my blog last night and said that he is scared because I'm brutally honest...so he is being very careful NOT to end up on the blog again:).  He said that he is officially one of my blog followers now, so this one is dedicated to Jonny:)

After waking up this morning, we took off bright and early for two nights in Donegal!  It's supposed to be beautiful here, but we have only been inside the hotel room so far, because of the rain.  Since we had to go over into Ireland, we went ahead and got gas and snacks in Northern Ireland.  Everything is so expensive for eating out so we stocked up on chips, sandwiches, cookies, etc.  Plus, Jonny didn't have a swimsuit so we had to shop around until he eventually found one in TKMaxx.  I started out this morning in an outfit with black hose, but I was freezing!  I had to buy some sweater tights and change in the TKMaxx bathroom:).  It's crazy how much warmer I was!!!

The drive was so scenic as we drove through the countryside...everytime we go overseas, I am amazed at what views people are used to every day.  But then again, over here, they think that America is magical.   Guess the grass is always greener on the other side!  But really, I think it's greener over here:)

We arrived at the Clanree Hotel before our room was ready so we had Fish and Chips at the pub (always wanted to say that)!  

Yum!!!  The green stuff on the left is mashed up peas...it was surprisingly good, even though it looked questionable.

Once we got our rooms, we changed to our swimsuits and went down to the "Leisure Center".  It was so dirty and Michalea was horrified because the womens dressing room was one huge changing room:). The showers have the push knobs that turn on for a few seconds until they pop back out and the lockers don't have locks!  The wet sauna about steamed us alive, the whirlpool cooled us down and the dry sauna was "just right".  We actually met a man, while in the sauna, who's wife is from Michaela's church!!!  It's a small world no matter where you are in it:). We would have swam in the pool, but you weren't allowed to swim without purchasing and wearing a swim cap!!!  What?!?!?!?!  So, we might sport the swim caps tomorrow, but we didn't do it today.

So we are back in our hotel rooms.  Michaela and I will have a slumber party in our room and Nick and Jonny can't wait to snuggle in theirs:).  They are just missing their whole roll of toll house cookie dough.  The weather is so awful that the guys went across the street to get snacks.  

So we are pigging out and Nick finally got his Irish whiskey:).  It's pouring rain right now, but we are hoping tomorrow is dry enough to be able to see Donegal!!!


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