Our slumber party was a hit and I'm not even sure how late Michaela and I stayed awake!  If I started to get sleepy, she was wide awake.  If she started to get sleepy, I was wide awake.  Finally, we conked out at some mystery hour.

Michaela and Jonny went down for a luxury buffet breakfast this morning, we have been stuffing our faces and Ironman and I couldn't eat one more thing.  As soon as they returned to the rooms, we hopped in the hobbit car and drove almost around the entire Donegal area today!

We started by trying to visit the Glenveagh National Park and castle, but it was closed until Jan. 2nd.  Jonny was skeptical about driving "so far" to see the cliffs, even though they are said to be the Grand Canyon of Ireland.  But, we kept driving "just a wee bit" up the road until we decided we might as well go all of the way to the cliffs.  Apparently they aren't used to huge road trips like we are over in the USA!

We stopped to have a late lunch at the Bay View Hotel in Killybegs.  I had fish and chips again, while the other three had the "small" lunch (it was huge) with meat, potatos, rice, gravy and veggies. 

We continued to drive through what looked like the shire of the hobbits and I kept confusing Donegal with Diagon Alley when I was talking (too much Harry Potter).  We finally made it to the cliffs, called Sliabh Liag.  It was breathtaking!!!

It was a steep hike to the top, but the view was totally worth it!!!  Of course I had to whine a wee bit and Ironman helped me climb by pushing me up by my armpit (as demonstrated in the photo above).  It didn't really feel good, but I wasn't going to complain!

It's so crazy because Jonny and Michaela have lived here all these years and have never seen this part of the country!  I know that Ironman and I haven't seen all of the USA, but we got to Donegal in just two hours!!!  Needless to say, Jonny was so happy that we convinced him to take the drive today:)

As the day was coming to an end, Jonny started to worry that we hadn't had any drama for the daily blog post.  But then, as we were taking photos on the cliffs, Michaela slipped and fell backwards in the mud.  However, she was so concerned about the iPhone that she sacrificed herself and saved the phone from the mud by falling on her back and keeping the phone up in there air.  So, then we were all happy to have had some drama.  If you had seen Michaela fall, it would have made your day...I laughed so hard, I almost wet my pants!  Why am I never videoing stuff at the right now.  I would have won millions on America's Funniest Videos by now.  Ugh, too bad.  Right place, right time, not prepared.

Guinness Meat Pie for dinner and another trip to the dirty sauna, then we came back to the hotel rooms to crash.  

Tomorrow we are returning to Belfast and going to a Ceili for New Years!!!  

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