I just realized that everyone is TOTALLY confused...

In August, Nick and I packed up and moved to Greenville, South Carolina.
In December, Nick and I packed up again and went to Bolivia, South America.
Three weeks ago, Nick and I packed up yet again and came BACK to Florence, South Carolina...

...to stay!!!!!!!

Here is what we know (which is not much):
1.  We are crazy
2.  We are living with my parents at the Jackson Plantation
3.  We love Marcos Pizza
4.  We are looking for a place to rent or buy
5.  We missed Florence a lot while we were gone
6.  Ummm.......that about sums it up

SSSOOOOOooooooooo...just wanted to clarify what's going on since Nick and I keep running into people in town who can't believe that WE are in town!  haha.  Maybe it's just our life goal to keep you on your toes?!?!?!?!!?

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