Our One Year Oilyversary

     November 2013 will go down in Stewart history.  One year ago, we learned about Young Living Essential Oils, bought a Premium Starter Kit and became Lemon Droppers!!!  Best decision we ever made!...Ok, well, one of the best :)

     Nick and I have spent the past 12 months using the essential oils, reading and learning about them, loving them and telling other people about them, while excitedly watching how they help us, our friends and our family!!!  Even my annual trip to the doc, due to a double ear infection and strep throat, NEVER happened!...this seriously shocked us both!!!  I have many stories of how the oils have made a difference :)  I'm sure if you follow us on Social Media, you know how cRaZy we are about these precious little bottles of goodness...

Since many of you will be struggling to think of the
perfect Christmas gift for a loved one 
AND for easy ways to support charities 
during the "season of giving", Nick and I
wanted to throw out an idea!!!

     In Celebration of our ONE YEAR Oilyversary, YOU can get a Premium Starter Kit AND support World Missions at the same time...WIN WIN!!!  From TODAY through DECEMBER 25th, Nick and I will give $50 to Burn Care International for every person who signs up (with us) for a Premium Starter Kit!!!  Burn Care International works to improve the lives of burn victims in developing countries around the world.  By signing up with us for a Premium Starter Kit, you will cover the cost for a compression suit for a burned child!!!  

If you or someone you know wants a Premium Starter Kit AND wants to support
Burn Care International at the same time, click HERE!!!!!

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