Minimalist Closet

     Ok…just last week, I did a post on Simple Living and explained a little of WHY I love the idea of living with less and how I try to follow it with my own lifestyle.  Then, to help YOU live a little simpler, I followed that with the post No Hoarder Left Behind where I explained my method of doing a good clean out in my home :)

     I thought that I was the master at living on very little.  

     The next day, I went out for Orange Leaf (frozen yoghurt) with a friend in town and she told me about how she was going to clean out her closet…I was like, "OhMyGosh, you read my blog!!!!"…she said, "what?"… and then I said, "I just wrote about cleaning out"…anyway, come to find out, it wasn't my blog that inspired her, but another girl's blog.  My friend told me about how this girl has a "capsule" for each season and that during each season, her capsule will only have 37 items of clothing.  WHAT?!?!!?!?!?  I was SO interested and got more and more excited as we sat there talking.  I went home and stalked this girl's blog, UnFancy…at first, I was still a little skeptical.  37 items.  Rotating capsules by season.  Wasn't sure about that for these reasons:

-I don't like to store things…if I'm not using it, I don't think I should have it (of course I DO keep my Christmas tree, old wedding dress and things like that…I'm not that crazy).
-The weather is so unpredictable…sometimes, during the winter months, I still might need my summer tank tops and sometimes during the summer, I might need a jacket on a chilly night or in the freezing restaurants and stores.
-37 items is actually more than it sounds…it's actually 148 items per year, which doesn't sound very minimalist (to me).
-I don't have $500 budget (that's how much the girl in UnFancy had to spend)…I have to save up a little at a time for buying new clothes.
-I don't want to shop for everything at one time…I do better when I have time to leisurely shop, look for one item at a time according to what I need and I like waiting on a sale (if I have to buy it all within two weeks and in "bulk", I know that I will end up making bad choices in a panic).

     Although, this idea may not work for me, this idea may be EXACTLY what works for you!

I wasn't totally sold on the UnFancy blog idea, but I WAS totally sold on the idea of the minimalist closet…so (of course), I went crazy on Pinterest (it's like Google for girls).

-I found The Daily Connoisseur and read about her 10 ITEM CLOSET!!!!
-I learned about The Five Piece French Wardrobe!!!!!
-I also remembered that my mom visited a friend in Spain about 28 years ago and said that although the family had money, her friend only had a few items in her closet.
-I saw LOTS of ideas for clothing basics, minimalist closets, simple outfits and more!!!!

The more I looked, the more I LOVED…

challenge accepted.

     I'm not saying that I'm going to do a 37 item seasonal capsule and I'm not saying that I'm going to do 10 item wardrobe.  But, I AM saying, that:
-I'm going to purge my closet even moreif I don't love it, it goes (even if it is still in good shape).  
-I'm going shopping a little at a time...I will evaluate what I need or want to add to my wardrobe and I will shop for one item at a time so I don't get overwhelmed or make bad choices.   
-I will choose quality over quantity…instead of spending a little money on a LOT of low quality items, I will start spending more money on less items of higher quality.  
-Each season, I will re-evaluate my closet…I will start the whole process again according to what I need to let go and what I need to shop for.

I have NO IDEA how this is going to go or how it is going to turn out, but I will keep you informed :)

What do you think?!?!?!  Is a minimalist closet for you???


  1. I'm so excited to shrink my wardrobe!

    1. Me too!!!!!!! I'll have to check your progress when I come to Alaska!!! :)

  2. I just started working on my capsule wardrobe too! I bought WAY too much last year (got obsessed with fashion blogs!) and then found myself not wanting to wear most of what I bought. Well, not wanting to wear it often. I liked having options, but in the end, I felt best when I was wearing my staple favorites. I'm still in the planning stages and since I don't want to spend a chunk right now, I'll just be working with what I've got. I live in FL so I can't really pack clothes away since the weather is so unpredictable during the fall/winter time. I also spend 80% of my time in jeans and tees so my capsule wardrobe won't be like hers at UnFancy, but I'm working on making it my own. :)

    1. Hey Katie! That's so cool! Yea, I find myself getting away on Pinterest and wanting everything. But I am trying to learn to stick with what flatters me and my body and to pick clothes that I always love to wear! We are in SC so it is unpredictable here too! Started this morning at 62 degrees and the high for today is close to 90!!!!!! I don't have a ton of money either so I have just gotten rid of what I don't like and worn my favorites over and over and over!