This is a TEST

Well, I have been having some trouble with my blog...the story of my life.  For those of you who have chosen to "follow by email", you have not been getting my emails and you probably didn't even realize it!  There have been about three new posts that have not been sent through email to those of you who have signed up.  I personally went through everything I could in my blog, every little tab, trying to figure out what I had done.  Of course, even if I had an idea of what I did, I usually cannot figure out how to fix it.  Last year I somehow deleted my beloved blog that was full of hundreds of posts from 2009-2012...yes, it was traumatic...and NO, I had no backups.  All of those stories...gone forever.  So, as you can imagine, now when things go wrong on my NEW blog, I really freak out!  Anyway...it pays to know people...a very smart friend helped me out and hopefully fixed this problem.  So, this is a TEST post to see if we get the email...yay!!!

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