Almost there...

We only have 11 work days left with OM Ships!  We finish up here on Friday, August 31st and take off on our USA road-trip on Monday, September 3rd!  We will be back in FlorenceSC on Saturday, September 29th and Nick will start his new job on Monday, October 1st!  We are excited to tell you that Nick has decided to work for my dad, Wick, and we will continue living in FlorenceSC.  My dad has a construction company, so Nick will be mostly checking on job sites and sub-contractors, while learning everything that he can from my dad.  He can’t wait for his first day on the job, especially since working in construction has always been one of Nick’s top three dream jobs!  I, on the other hand, am still not sure what I am going to be doing.  I have a couple of ideas of what I would enjoy, so we will see what happens!

Road Trip (okay...so we were a little overly excited when we started planning...here is the updated version)

September 3rd-29th
3rd...Atlanta, GA with Aunt Vicki!!!
4th-7th...Houston, TX with Jeff and Holly Hoffart!!!
8th...Driving Day
9th...Phoenix, AZ with Kira, my OM Ships Finance Team boss!!!10th-12th...Camping in the Grand Canyon!!!
12th-16th...Palmdale, CA with Herbie and Wynn May (family)!!!
17th-19th...Camping in Yosemite!!!
19th...Driving Day20th-22nd...Camping in the Redwoods!!!
22nd...Driving Day
23rd-25th...Yellowstone (staying in a hotel for fear of Grizzlies!!!)25th-27th...Buena Vista, CO with Ben Temple!!!
27th-29th...Driving Days 

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