Last summer, Emily and I were just getting to know each other.  We thought we were in the big leagues when we would plan to go out of town for the day and drive 25 minutes to Lake City.  Who knew that only half a year later we'd be flying halfway across the world to spend a week in Hawaii together, visiting her sister?!  I love friendships that are just easy...you click and the rest is history.  

Hawaii has been on my Bucket List for years, but I had no idea that I'd be crossing it off so soon!  So, because I love soaking up all my vacation, I'm calling for an Intermission.  It makes me think of old movies, haha.  I don't want to miss anything in Hawaii, so I'll be taking a break from my blog and Facebook! 

However, you'd better believe I'm going to be getting some amazing photos, so head over to Instagram and follow me there for the next 8 days...or forever, your choice!

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