Our next adventure...


we have some news (and no, we aren't pregnant, for the millionth time)…

In 2012, when we completed our commitment with OM Ships, Nick began working for my dad in construction and building/renovating our house on the back right corner of my parents 6 acre, center of town, lot.  I assumed that we were "done" with life.  We would live in Florence for the rest of our lives, eventually pop out some babies (and everyone would rejoice), buy our perfect custom home, live the American dream, upgrade to an SUV, grow old, send our kids to college, retire and die.  Sad.  In my mind, it was over…our adventure was done.  Seriously.  No joke.  I felt defeated and depressed, but figured "I'm an adult and I need to suck it up and settle somewhere eventually".  I kept bringing this up with Nick and he kept saying that he KNEW we weren't done.  I would roll my eyes because I had already given up.

Ever since we got married in 2007, we have dreamed of living outside of Florence (Florence isn't bad…we just love to dream).  We've talked about moving to Bolivia, Greenville, the West Coast, Europe and so many other places!  Dreaming dreaming dreaming.  But, our reality is that Nick has a great job with my dad and we have an amazing house being fixed up for us.  Why would we EVER leave?!?!?!!?!?!  However, a few months ago, Nick and I were enjoying yet another amazing weekend in Greenville.  We were talking and dreaming about how wonderful it would be to live there.  All of a sudden, Nick said "why don't we just move here?".  And I said, "really?".  We both just looked at each other and burst out laughing.  Fast forward a few months and a LOT of brainstorming, praying and talking…WE ARE GOING FOR IT!!!

Are you freaking out?!?!?!!?!  
We are too!!!!!

Do we know when we are leaving?  
No, but we will once Nick gets a job.

Do we know where Nick will work?  
No, but he is applying for jobs now.

Do we know where we will live?  
No, but we will find something, somewhere.

Do we know how it will all work out?  
No, but we won't know if we don't try.

     So, just when you thought you knew what to expect from the Stewarts, we go and throw you another curve ball.  We just like to keep you guessing!  You officially know as much as we do about our change of plans…we will keep you in the loop as things begin to happen!!!

-Nick and Emily :)


  1. Love this!!! Follow those dreams Girl! God has some amazing plans for you both! He will provide!

  2. I feel the same way when Ken wants to "shop for land", or when we opened our business! Meanwhile, I'm keeping my eye out for a sailboat. ;-)
    Good luck in wherever you choose to be!

    1. Hahaha…guess that we were meant to meet and become friends this year! So much in common :)