There are a lot of company’s out there who implement their product as the best weight loss solution and will make you look great in however many days. The problem is most of the companies push how you look on the outside…. whether you have tone muscles or a six pack…all that is nice and makes you feel good that you look in shape and other people comment on the way you look, but they have no long term health benefit for you.  These diets DO NOT benefit your whole body health!!!!  Take a look at the ingredients for most diet companies…. they do not have whole food ingredients…. whole foods meaning foods that have not been modified or synthesized. It’s hard to find companies who sell ingredients with whole food. I believe and research proves a whole foods plant based diet is the healthiest dietary choice you can make to whole body health …now you also need physical activity as well…just eating healthy is good, but having daily regimented physical activities is a necessity for whole body health. Do your research and know what you are putting in your body!!!


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