The Coconut Oil CrAzE

     So a few years ago, my friend Jennifer stopped buying CANOLA OIL and replaced it with Coconut Oil.  She only used the coconut oil for cooking, but even then, I sort of thought that she was going too eXtReMe.  I love going chemical free and all natural, but I didn't even understand how to really use this new product.  Jennifer would spoon it out to use in cooking and I thought that was the strangest thing I had ever seen.  Now, years later, coconut oil is the new biggest and best thing!
     Nick and I have followed the trend and slowly done away with canola oil and replaced it with coconut oil.  We now use it for ALL of our cooking and baking and we LOVE it!  I keep sharing my favorite recipes with friends, so I thought that I would include them on my blog.  Nick and I are crazy for chocolate.  Click here if you love plain chocolate, here if you love peanut butter and chocolate, and here if you love dark chocolate and peppermint.  Each of these recipes is made with coconut oil and is "healthy", so you can have even more helpings (at least, that's what we tell each other)!  We love this blog because it has great recipes for eating healthy and because we love the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.  We actually watched it Fall 2011 and have been juicing ever since.  Anyway...I'm getting off track here.  You can even eat a spoon of coconut oil every day or add a scoop to your smoothies.  I've read that some people even use it on their toast instead of butter, but I haven't tried that one yet.

     So, after switching to coconut oil for baking and cooking, I learned (through Pinterest of course) that you can also use coconut oil for many toiletry replacements!  So, last fall I began using coconut oil for face wash/scrub, eye cream, body cream, hair moisture treatments and anything that I thought I could add to my growing obsession.  My sister Mary Ashley is super artsy and cRaFtY and for mine and Nick's Christmas gifts, she made us a years supply of coconut oil toiletries!  We received little jars (in the photo) of face scrub, body cream, shaving cream and hair treatment cream.  My sister made these special gifts not only using Coconut Oil, but added shea butter and essential oils, like tangerine and patchouli.  But, you can keep it simple and just use coconut oil (without anything added) for body and hair.  You can use it as an eye cream, but I wouldn't use it as a face cream...I read and heard about people who clogged their pores up by using it as a facial moisturizer.  

Here's the recipe for Coconut Oil Face Scrub:
Whip coconut oil and baking soda together.  
Keep adding baking soda until it is "scrubby" enough for you.  
Scrub face in circular motions.
Steam face with washcloth and wipe face when washcloth has cooled.
Repeat this until coconut oil and baking soda has been cleaned completely off.
Let face air dry.  Skin may feel oily, but it will quickly seep into skin.  You won't need a moisturizer.

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